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Health Innovation Fellowship
Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator

We support social entrepreneurs and community healthcare leaders in the design and execution of transformational innovations in healthcare.

Health Management
Healthcare Management

We provide training to hospital directors, policy makers, and government authorities to optimize healthcare management and improve policy implementation. .

Research Center
Research and Knowledge Management

Research and a critical evaluation of the realities of the health sector of Central America allows CAHI to achieve a more profound and complete understanding of the management models and innovative projects most suited to the region's needs. CAHI's research goals seek to explore how organizations and individuals in developing countries provide healthcare to populations at the "base of the pyramid."

Currently, CAHI is focusing on three targeted areas of research:
  • Mobile health technologies
  • Innovative insurance models
  • Delivery of products and services to the "last-mile."
CAHI's research projects seek to identify best practices that can be shared openly with academics and practitioners from around the world to provide insight for solutions to pressing challenges in healthcare delivery.

Read more about CAHI's research projects here…