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Catalyze access to quality healthcare through cost-effective innovation and enhanced management, for all Central Americans.


We believe in a Central America where all people have access to high-quality healthcare, regardless of socioeconomic and geographic constraints.

Our History

CAHI was formed with the support of The Robert and Elizabeth Jeffe Foundation to seek high-quality, cost-effective solutions to provide healthcare for all through enhanced management and use of technology. Alliances with NYU and Stanford led The Jeffe Foundation to Central America, home to many of the greatest health challenges in the Western Hemisphere.

We are fortunate to have the strong backing of successful businessmen and visionary philanthropists like Carlos Pellas, Stanley Motta, and Robert Jeffe. CAHI also benefits from the invaluable support and counsel of our board of directors, an impressive group of academics and high-level business, non-profit and health professionals.

Academic Partners

Our work is mainly focused on three programs of human resources training and research to improve the quality of health care for the needy with oriented innovative models of health management and service delivery approach.

We have strong alliances to achieve our mission: like INCAE Business School, New York University and Stanford University.
Our challenges

Our challenges

Public health expenses

Public health expenses chart

Complex mix of disease

Persistent diseases of poverty like malnutrition and infectious diseases like dengue, malaria, and tuberculosis. Rapid growth of non-communicable diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Inefficient systems

Poor health coverage, especially for vulnerable populations and inefficient systems waste scarce resources.

Our solutions

We aim to tackle these intractable problems by promoting access to better healthcare for the poorest Central Americans through the stimulation of innovative approaches and the use of technology in health, the research and dissemination of best practices, and the promotion of efficient management of available resources.
Annual report 2014

Board of Directors